Car and Truck Winterization

Prepare for Arctic Winters

It's important to winterize your vehicle to ensure your car will start when you need it and also to keep it reliable.

arctic winterization components
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Starting a car that is too cold, will cause excessive wear and tear and possible premature engine failure after repeated cold starts in extreme temperatures.

We only use UL-listed high-quality parts designed to stand up in our harsh Arctic environment. Don't be fooled by cheap winterization offers. Your car investment is too expensive to skip what is needed.

Where applicable, we install high-quality engine block heaters to keep the engine warm by warming the coolant when the car is shut off. This allows the starter to have less strain and the engine to require less fuel which helps save fuel, lower emissions, and reduce wear on internal parts.

We install engine oil and transmission pan heaters to help the oil flow as soon as possible during a cold start or a cold shift. The biggest cause of premature failure is the lack of lubrication after repeated cold starts.

We install battery warmers or mini battery chargers to keep the battery warm and maintain its charge.

Inspecting these components each year and installing new ones on your new car will ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable for years to come. This along with accelerated preventative service will keep your care and truck running in optimal health.

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