5 Signs of Power Steering Problems

If you have a vehicle with a traditional power steering system, it is prone to problems. Just like most systems in a car, it requires standard preventative maintenance and care. If it is experiencing issues, it needs to be repaired. If you drive for extended periods with power steering problems, it can lead to more significant damage.

Many new vehicles manufactured in the past few years will use an electronic power steering system (EPS) that uses an electric motor design compared to hydraulic pumps or pistons. Some older cars may not have power steering at all. These different types of steering systems still require attention and professional maintenance/repairs. However, in this article we will focus mostly on traditional power steering systems that use hydraulic pump designs and power steering fluid.

There are common signs that you have a power steering problem in your vehicle. If you notice any of these issues, you will want to get your car checked out by a knowledgeable mechanic. You may just need to refill/replace the power steering fluid, or there could be some other failure that you will want to get fixed before it develops into something much worse. Obviously, if you can’t properly steer the vehicle, your safety is on the line.

Here are the common symptoms of power steering failure:

1. Steering Wheel is Very Stiff

If the steering wheel is extremely stiff and hard to turn, there is likely something wrong within the power steering system.

2. Loose Steering Wheel

Likewise, if the steering wheel feels really loose and not reacting properly, that’s another common sign of power steering issues. It could also be a wheel alignment problem.

3. Whining/Groaning Noises

There is a distinct whining or some will say “groaning” noise that you hear when the power steering system is struggling. It’s hard to describe. However, it usually comes in conjunction with when you turn the steering wheel, and that makes it pretty easy to recognize.

4. Squealing Noise (When the Vehicle Starts)

If you hear an unpleasant squealing noise when you turn on the car, that is often the power steering system. It could be something else, though, so it’s worth getting inspected by an auto repair shop.

5. Steering Slow to Respond

If the steering feels really slow to respond (if you turn the wheel and the steering motion of the vehicle feels a bit delayed), this is another common sign you need power steering service.

If you live in Fairbanks, AK and are experiencing power steering problems, count on the auto repair experts at Simard Automotive. You may just need a standard power steering service with fresh power steering fluid, or it could be another mechanical issue worth getting repaired as soon as possible. Call us today at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Ave.) or (855) 639-5001. You can also book a service appointment online.


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