6 Benefits of Good Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is one of those things that most vehicle owners don't think about until it becomes a problem. That's true of many automotive issues. However, wheel alignment is a preventative service that should be performed periodically on every vehicle. At the very least, you can get your alignment checked with each service visit. If there are concerns, it's better to fix it now than wait until further problems develop.

Here are 6 benefits of good wheel alignment, according to the Fairbanks auto repair experts at Simard Automotive

1. Better Handling

Along with the suspension system, the alignment of the wheels will really make a significant difference in how the vehicle handles on the road. Proper wheel alignment keeps the vehicle straight on straightaways and it will help provide better control on tight corners. You'll feel fewer bumps and vibrations, and you'll just enjoy a smoother ride overall. If your handling is off, you will want to get your suspension system and wheel alignment checked.

2. Reduced Tire Wear

If your alignment is poor and your wheels have too much camber, caster or toe, it will take its toll on the tires. They will wear out unevenly and you will end up going through your treads quicker than if the wheels were aligned correctly.

3. Damage Prevention

The longer you drive with misaligned wheels, the more likely you will start to do damage to other important vehicle components. The tires, wheels, suspension, brakes and various drivetrain components are all at risk of being worn out or damaged because additional stress is being put on different systems while you drive. 

4. Improved Safety

Of course, safety is a concern for all drivers. If the wheels are out of alignment and you experience any of the issues noted above, the vehicle will not be as safe for you and your passengers. Poor handling and weakened/damaged components can lead to accidents and breakdowns.

5. Increased Gas Mileage

More things affect your vehicle's fuel efficiency than you might realize. Wheel alignment can be one of them along with the tire tread wear and air pressure. Aligned wheels keep the car moving more efficiently along the surface of the road and that is better when you want to maximize your MPG.

6. Peace of Mind

It's nice when everything in your vehicle is working as it should. The car performs properly and you feel safer on the road. Taking care of preventative maintenance measures like wheel alignments will give you better peace of mind as a vehicle owner.

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