7 Signs Your Car Has a Fuel System Problem

If your fuel system isn't properly pumping clean fuel from the gas tank to the engine, your vehicle simply won't run right. Your engine will lose power or it may not work at all. You will lose gas mileage. You might even develop a fuel leak, which presents a number of dangerous concerns.

The most common source of fuel system failure is the fuel pump. When it is damaged, you lose fuel pressure and that's always a bad thing. Damage to the fuel lines, clogged fuel lines or an ineffective fuel filter are other things that might be wrong. 

It's important to be able to recognize there might be a fuel system problem in your vehicle. Here are 7 signs of fuel system failure that you can look for, according to the Fairbanks auto repair specialists at Simard Automotive:

1. The Car Won't Start

If your car is struggling to start or won't start at all, it can be any number of things at fault. This will include spark plugs, the ignition system, the battery or the alternator. A fuel system problem is another potential cause that you will want to have a mechanic check out.

2. Sputtering Engine

Usually the faster you drive, the more you will hear and feel sputtering or backfiring coming from the engine. That means that the internal combustion process isn't happening normally, so you will want to check the fuel system and possibly the air intake. It could be a problem within the engine itself.

3. Surging Engine

Another thing you might notice is the engine surging and struggling to accelerate when you press on the gas pedal. There could be something wrong with the fuel system, or it could be something else like a transmission issue.

4. Weak Gas Mileage

You might not track your gas mileage too diligently, but you may start to notice when you have to visit the gas station more often than usual. Again, any number of issues could be the cause of lost MPG, including a fuel system problem.

5. Losing Power When You Need it

Fuel system issues often reveal themselves when you are pushing the vehicle a little harder than normal. You might be going up a steep grade, carrying/towing a heavy load, running at high temperatures or driving at high altitudes when you feel the vehicle losing significant power and maybe even stalling out completely. This is a common sign of a fuel system problem.

6. Whining Noise from the Fuel Tank

Any time you hear a strange noise coming from your car, you will want to take notice and try to figure out where it is coming from. Many people experiencing fuel system problems will hear a distinctive whining noise coming from their gas tank. It is a sign that the fuel is getting dangerously low, the fuel pump is struggling or the fuel itself may be contaminated in some way.

7. Leaking Fuel

Last but certainly not least, a sure sign that you have a fuel system problem is if you can see or smell fuel leaking from anywhere underneath your car. This is a dangerous situation and you will want to get it repaired immediately!

If you think you might have a fuel system problem or you aren't quite sure what's wrong with your vehicle, bring it in to Simard Automotive for a thorough inspection and professional repairs. Whether it's something big or small, we've got you covered.

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