Are Your Tires Ready for the Alaska Winter?

We all know that the winter season comes up fast on us here in Alaska. It's getting colder by the day, and it won't be long before ice and snow are problems on the roads in and around Fairbanks. We all know how to adapt to bad weather driving around here, though. That's what being an Alaskan is all about!

Now is the time to check your tires and make sure they are ready for the winter weather. Many local residents will change out to snow tires this time of year. Whenever you are ready to swap out your tires, bring your vehicle down to Simard Automotive and we'll get it taken care of for you. If you don't yet have snow tires or all-weather tires and are thinking about using them this season, let us know and we'll get you a great deal on a set.

If you are using all-weather tires or just sticking with your usual tires through the winter season, you should be fine. They do a great job keeping the roads throughout Fairbanks as clean and safe as possible. However, it is still important to keep a close eye on your tires throughout the cold weather months. Remember they are the one thing between your car and the road, so you want to make sure they are in good shape. Here are a few quick winter tire care tips from Simard Automotive:

1. Check the Treads Often

Of course, you want healthy tires with ample tread depth for when the roads become more slick. You want grip and traction on the asphalt while you drive. Check your treads regularly and get your tires rotated as needed to keep them from wearing out too quickly and causing lack of traction.

2. Check the Air Pressure

Always keep your tire air pressure at the recommended PSI. Freezing weather can do strange things to the air pressure and the tire sensors, so it's a good idea to manually check the air pressure in each tire (including your spare) at least once a week. Get in this habit to keep your tires in good shape throughout the winter.

3. Get Your Brakes Inspected and Serviced

The health of your brakes can certainly impact your tires. You definitely want your brake system to be performing properly in the winter months, so get it professionally inspected and serviced to prevent any problems.

4. Drive Sensibly

It should go without saying that you need to drive a lot more carefully when the roads are covered with ice, rain and snow. Don't peel out when accelerating, don't corner too aggressively and don't jam on the brakes. This puts a lot of extra stress on the wheels and tires, and it's just not safe when the road conditions are less than ideal and your traction is compromised.

5. Get New Tires When Recommended

If your tires are old and bald, now is the perfect time to replace them before the worst of the Alaska winter season sets in. Whether you go with snow tires, all-weather tires or regular tires, you just want to have that extra peace of mind this time of year with grippy new tires.

For all your Fairbanks tire care and repair needs, you can turn to either of Simard Automotive's two local auto shops. Both locations are ready to serve you, so you can call the Airport Shop on Aeronca Avenue at (855) 690-0889 or the Chevron Shop on Gaffney Road at (855) 639-5001. You can also book your service appointment online at any time.


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