Bad Muffler? Here Are 3 Problems to Look for

A vehicle's exhaust system serves a very important purpose. From the exhaust manifold through the catalytic converter and ultimately out through the muffler and tailpipe, it expels dangerous gasses from the engine and burns them off to reduce harmful emissions into the environment. If any component isn't working or an exhaust leak develops, you will lose fuel economy and it could lead to major internal engine damage that will be costly to repair. Of course, you may also be breathing in deadly carbon monoxide fumes if the exhaust leaks into the passenger cabin.

The muffler acts as kind of the final gatekeeper in the emissions process, though its primary purpose is just as the name suggests. It muffles the sound of the engine as exhaust is expelled. You always want to make sure your muffler is in good shape. The good news is there are some common symptoms you might notice, which will tell you that you might have a muffler problem.

Here are 3 signs of muffler failure, according to the Fairbanks auto repair specialists at Simard Automotive:

1. The Car Sounds Much Louder than Normal

A clear indicator of a failing muffler is when the vehicle produces a much louder running sound than normal. The muffler is designed to keep the loud engine noises to a minimum. If it is damaged or has a leak, you will definitely hear it and so will anyone on the road around you!

2. A Loss in Fuel Efficiency

If you notice that your car isn't getting the gas mileage it normally does, an exhaust system issue is one of the most common causes. That said, there are many different reasons why you may be losing fuel economy, so getting a professional mechanic to inspect the vehicle and determine the source of the problem.

3. An Increase in Exhaust Smells

Another common sign that there is a muffler problem or something else wrong within your exhaust system is when your nose tells you there is an issue. You can usually smell a significant exhaust leak or you may notice the exhaust smell is stronger if the catalytic converter isn't working properly to burn off the dangerous gasses. Obviously, inhaling too much carbon monoxide can literally be deadly. If you smell your exhaust more than usual, don't wait to get the vehicle inspected and repaired by an auto repair shop.

These are just a few signs of a failing muffler or other exhaust system issue. Exhaust problems are no joke. So, if you think there is something wrong, bring your vehicle to Simard Automotive in Fairbanks. We'll get to the source of the problem and recommend the necessary automotive repairs to keep your car running right and to keep you safe on the road.

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