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It's true that your vehicle's heating and air conditioning system is somewhat of a luxury. In the summer, it sure is nice to crank up the AC and stay cool. However, in the middle of winter in Alaska, having a properly functioning heating and defrosting system is absolutely vital. You need to stay warm inside the vehicle when it's extremely cold outside for months on end. And, you need your defroster for optimum visibility throughout the winter.

Signs of Heating/AC Problems

Let's look at some common symptoms that you might be experiencing problems with your car's heating and air conditioning system:

• Air not blowing as cold or warm as you want it to

• Defroster taking way too long to clear front windshield and side windows

• Rear defroster not clearing rear window

• Unpleasant smells coming from vents

• Dust and debris blowing out of vents

• Heater/AC only working when car is in motion, not when it is stopped or parked

These are all good signs that you might need a heating/AC system tuneup or possibly repairs. When it comes to the air conditioner, sometimes a recharge of the coolant (aka Freon) just needs to happen and that will restore the cold air production.

Heating/AC System Repairs

A lack of hot air when the heater is on can be a sign of a bigger concern that you'll definitely want to have looked at by the auto repair experts at Simard Automotive. There may be leak or a loose hose. The fan or fan belt may not be working correctly inside the engine compartment. In some cases, the vents are just dirty and require a thorough cleaning to keep the air flowing freely. Another thing to look at is the cabin air filter, which needs to be replaced periodically to keep the air clean and flowing from the engine and into the passenger cabin. That's especially worth having looked at if you notice strange smells or dirt/debris coming from the ventilation ducts.

Defroster Repair

With the defroster, it may depend on your vehicle. Unfortunately, some defrosters just work better than others, but it needs to perform a specific function. If your windows aren't clearing up, then it's worth having it inspected by a professional technician. The rear window defroster is more of an electrical component because it uses wires to heat up from inside the window glass to slowly remove the condensation from the surface. You may find that the front defroster works fine while the rear one doesn't (or vice versa). Either way, you'll want to have it looked at.

For all your vehicle's heating and air conditioning needs, count on Simard Automotive. We have two Fairbanks locations to serve you and our team can handle any automotive heating/AC service, cleaning, maintenance, tuneup or repair. Call today at (855) 690-0899 (Aeronca Ave. shop) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Rd. shop). Or schedule your next service appointment online for convenient booking


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