Exhaust Leak? It's Not a Problem You Want to Ignore!

An exhaust leak is a serious automotive issue. You may smell the exhaust fumes more than normal or you may even see exhaust smoke coming out from somewhere other than the tailpipe. Your check engine light will also usually come on when there is an exhaust issue. If your car has an exhaust leak, it is not a problem that you want to ignore.

The Risks of an Exhaust Leak

If an exhaust leak persists, it can obviously be dangerous to your health (and the health of anyone riding in the vehicle. Exhaust fumes (especially those that haven't been burned off properly in the catalytic converter) are full of dangerous carbon monoxide that can literally be deadly when you breathe in too much of it. In addition, a malfunctioning exhaust system can lead to serious engine damage. The exhaust system is there to pull away and burn off the exhaust fumes coming from the engine. If that isn't happening, it's really bad for the motor and you can be looking at very costly engine repairs.

Exhaust System Components

A standard exhaust system is made up of 5 components working together to expel and burn off the exhaust fumes:

• Exhaust Manifold

• Oxygen Sensors

• Catalytic Converter

• Exhaust Pipes

• Muffler

Determining the Source of the Exhaust Leak

Sometimes, a leak can happen within the manifold, one of the exhaust pipes or one of the connecting points between parts. Or, one of the primary components like the catalytic converter or muffler may be damaged and causing the exhaust leak. Most exhaust problems will trip one of the oxygen sensors and also your check engine light. At the first sign of any issues, you will want to bring your vehicle in for a proper exhaust system inspection and repairs.

For all your Fairbanks exhaust system repair and maintenance needs, you can turn to the team at Simard Automotive. We have two shops in town to serve you. You can call our Aeronca Avenue (Airport) shop at (855) 690-0889 or our Gaffney Road (Chevron) shop at (855) 639-5001. Or, you can easily schedule your service appointment online.


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