How to Deal with Electrical Problems in Your Vehicle

Unlike other automotive issues where there are common preventative maintenance procedures that you schedule regularly (oil changes, tire rotation, brake service, etc.), your electrical system is usually not something most drivers think about until it actually becomes a problem. 

Preventative Electrical Maintenance

There are preventative measures you can take like having your wiring inspected and battery power tested on a routine basis. Otherwise, you usually won't realize there is an issue with the battery, alternator, wiring, computer or electronic components until you start experiencing failures.

Signs of Auto Electric Problems

A few signs of auto electric problems include:

1. Car won't start (usually a dead battery, damaged ignition system and/or failing alternator)

2. Dim interior or exterior lights

3. Low battery warning light or other warning notifications

4. Blown fuses

5. Burning smell or visible sparks/smoke

6. Glitchy electronic components (car stereo, automatic windows/door locks, etc.)

Sources of Auto Electric Problems

The most common sources of auto electric problems include a failing alternator, which provides recirculating power back into the car's battery. The battery itself could be weak or dying, as well. It could be a smaller component such as a bad spark plug or solenoid. Then, of course, the wiring might also be a problem. There might be a bad connection, frayed wire or damaged battery cable that is not allowing the electricity to flow properly. Wiring damage can lead to sparks and fires, so it is definitely a concern if you think you might have a wiring problem in your vehicle.

What if My Electronic Components Aren't Working Properly?

If you notice that one of your electronic components is acting strange, then it could be that component itself. This is likely the case if the issues are isolated to only one piece of equipment such as the car's stereo system or one of the automatic windows or door locks. If one exterior light is out, then it could be the bulb that needs to be replaced or there could be a wiring malfunction leading to that particular light housing. If multiple electronic components are malfunctioning, then there is likely a bigger electronic issue at hand affecting everything.

Fairbanks Auto Electric Repair

If you are in the Fairbanks area and think you might have some auto electric issues or electrical problems with your vehicle, call Simard Automotive today at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Ave. Shop) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Rd. Shop). You can also book your service appointment online. Our skilled automotive technicians will inspect and test all your electrical components, wiring and connection points to determine the source of the problem(s) and recommend the necessary repairs.


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