How to Keep You and Your Car from Overheating This Summer

Summer is in full swing. The weather is beautiful in Alaska and it's time to make the most of our short summertime season. The last thing you want is for your car or truck to have problems when things heat up. You want to stay cool and you want to keep your engine from overheating. That's why Simard Automotive is here to help!

Cooling System Inspection & Repairs

First and foremost, you don't want your car to overheat when the weather outside gets warmer. That's why it's a good idea to get a cooling system inspection from a professional auto shop like Simard Automotive in Fairbanks. Our technicians can inspect all the key components such as the water pump, radiator, head gasket, radiator fluid (coolant), fans and fluid lines. We can make sure everything is working correctly to prevent the engine from running too hot. Otherwise, you risk overheating and doing significant internal engine damage. 

This is one of those cases where it pays to be proactive. Simard Automotive can make sure everything is working right with the vehicle's cooling system. If not, adjustments and repairs can be made. It may just be time to put in new coolant. Or, there may not be any concerns, in which case you'll at least have peace of mind throughout the summer.

Air Conditioning Tune-Ups, Cleaning & Repairs

In addition to keeping your vehicle from overheating, you will want to keep you and your passengers comfy and cool when it's hotter outside. Few things are worse than when your air conditioner goes out or isn't keeping things as cooled down as you would like. Summer is a great time to get your A/C system inspected and tuned up by the auto pros at Simard Automotive. This will include cleaning the vents, checking the cabin air filter, testing the thermostat and recharging the coolant if needed.

With an thorough A/C service, our team can get your air conditioner working the way it should. That way, it provides plenty of cold air throughout the summer. This service will also make sure the vehicle's heating system is working correctly, as well, so you'll be ready when the weather starts to turn cold again.

The weather may have heated up, but you don't have to suffer with an overheating engine or a weak air conditioner. Call Simard Automotive today at (855) 690-0889 (5200 Aeronca Avenue) or (855) 639-5001 (768 Gaffney Road). Or, schedule your service appointment online.


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