How to Tell if Your Transmission is Slipping

Transmission problems can come in many different forms, but one of the most common is when it slips between gears. This means the transmission is not shifting correctly or it is not staying properly in gear as you are driving. It is usually the sign of internal transmission damage, or sometimes it just means your vehicle is due for a standard transmission service (replacing the transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket).

The earlier you detect a slipping transmission, the more likely you can get by with a transmission service instead of having to pay for more costly transmission repairs. At the first sign of trouble, you will want to bring your car into a professional auto repair shop like Simard Automotive in Fairbanks, AK.

Here are 6 common signs of a slipping transmission:

1. A Sluggish Feeling

If the vehicle feels unusually sluggish as if it has less power or is struggling to accelerate, it could be a sign of a slipping transmission or some other sort of transmission trouble.

2. Revving Loudly

In addition to feeling sluggish, you may notice the engine revs loudly when you press on the gas pedal. However, it doesn't accelerate accordingly. This is definitely a problem worth getting checked out by a knowledgeable mechanic.

3. Trouble Shifting Between Gears

If the car won't shift smoothly between gears or regularly slips out of gear, then you are definitely due for a transmission maintenance service and possibly some internal repairs.

4. Car Slips into Neutral While Driving

Another common occurrence with slipping transmissions is when the vehicle drops out of gear and goes into neutral while you are driving.

5. Grinding Noises, Clunks or Heavy Vibrations

When you grind the gears, it makes an unmistakable noise. In a manual transmission vehicle, it may just mean you didn't shift smoothly. However, if the grinding noise persists every time you shift gears or you hear it in an automatic transmission vehicle, it is definitely cause for concern. Clunking noises and vibrations are also associated with a slipping transmission, though they could be signs of another automotive problem such as exhaust system failure. It's always best to get your vehicle inspected when you hear strange noises.

6. Clutch Isn't Working

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle and the clutch isn't working at all, it could be a problem within the transmission or within the clutch assembly itself. Either way, repairs are best left to the professionals unless you really know what you are doing.

These are just some common signs of a slipping transmission and other potential transmission issues. If you notice one or more of these problems and you live in the Fairbanks area, bring your vehicle into Simard Automotive for a proper inspection, diagnosis and repairs. It's better to catch a problem early before it develops into something much worse, especially when it comes to transmissions.

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