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Good automotive repair is never a guessing game. The more information our technicians at Simard Automotive know, the better repair recommendations we can make to our customers. With proper diagnostic testing and vehicle inspections, the jobs get done right and everyone is satisfied. 

As a vehicle owner visiting one of Simard Automotive’s two Fairbanks shops, it's important to understand the processes we use to diagnose specific automotive problems and get you the most accurate results. Let's take a look at the differences between different types of inspections and diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic Tests

This is often the first step taken by our technicians to identify potential problems, especially if a warning light (such as the check engine light) has come on in the vehicle. We use sophisticated diagnostic testing equipment to connect directly to your car's computer system, which is connected to various sensors throughout the vehicle. Diagnostics will reveal specific "fault codes," which then give the technicians targeted issues for further inspection.

External Inspections

In some cases, a simple external inspection will reveal all that our technicians need to know. After all, they are very well-trained in the art of automotive repair. An external inspection requires no removal of any major parts and often reveals the most common problems. When done in conjunction with diagnostic testing, the issues can be identified properly. If not, we need to dig deeper...

Internal Inspections

In some cases, the full extent of the problem cannot be seen with a simple external inspection or diagnostic equipment. A more in-depth internal inspection may be required. This is often the case with failing transmissions and major engine problems. Sometimes, the components may need to be removed so that the technicians can see inside and inspect specific parts for damage. 

General Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

The inspections and diagnostic processes above are generally needed when there is a specific automotive problem (or multiple problems) to resolve. Then, there are more general inspections for preventative maintenance. Some car owners just like to make sure their vehicle is in great shape, so they'll bring it in for a periodic bumper-to-bumper inspection or a more targeted service such as a brake inspection or wheel alignment test. People buying used cars often have the vehicle inspected by Simard Automotive before they commit to purchase it. It's a good way to know exactly what you are buying.

Whether you are doing it for preventative reasons or there is a specific problem you want to have looked at by an auto repair professional, Simard Automotive is here to help. Get all the diagnostic testing and inspection services you need at our Fairbanks auto repair shops—from automotive experts you can trust!

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