Is Your Vehicle Ready for Alaska's Fall and Winter Seasons?

Summer is officially over and fall is here. Another long Alaska winter is just around the corner, so it's time to make sure your car, truck or other vehicle is ready for the change in seasons. We'll have more rain, snow, colder temperatures and slicker roads. You want your vehicle performing well no matter what the weather brings, and you also want to stay safer as a driver.

Now is the time to get ready. Bring you vehicle(s) into Simard Automotive in Fairbanks for the preventative maintenance and automotive repairs you need heading into the fall and winter months. Here are 10 of the most important maintenance steps you can take this time of year:

1. Oil Change

Getting your oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles is important no matter what the season. Sometimes, Alaska's harsh weather puts even more strain on your engine or you may have your car sitting around for longer periods of non-use. Keep it performing well with regular oil and oil filter changes.

2. Battery Test

Cold weather can really put extra stress on your vehicle's battery. Get it tested to make sure it is winter-ready, and get it recharged, repaired or replaced if needed.

3. Tire Treads

When the roads get more slippery, you need good tires with ample treads. Check the tread depths on each tire and get your tires rotated regularly to avoid uneven wear. If your tires are going bald, it's a good idea to intall new tires before winter hits.

4. Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment can also help with your tire tread wear, and obviously it is important for handling when driving conditions are more demanding. Get a wheel alignment test at Simard Automotive and get your wheels alignment adjusted as recommended.

5. Belts, Hoses and Door/Window Seals

When it's colder and wetter outside, it can really wear out any rubber components more quickly. Get your belts, hoses and seals checked for quality and performance. Get them lubricated and repaired/replaced as needed.

6. Windshield Wipers

This is perhaps the simplest maintenance step you can take, but it could be the most important for your safety. Make sure your windshield wipers are working well. If not, get them replaced before they become a major problem.

7. Headlights

Also make sure your headlights are nice and bright and the clear plastic housings are clean. You will need them a lot in the winter. They not only help you see when driving, but they are important for other drivers to see you.

8. Brakes

Get your brakes inspected to make sure the pads, rotors and brake fluid are all up to snuff. If not, it will be very dangerous driving in Alaska's fall and winter seasons.

9. Fluid Checks

Check the fluid levels and quality for your engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, radiator coolant (antifreeze) and even your windshield washer fluid. Low fluids or leaks can be bad news.

10. Heating System

You want your heating system working well to keep you warm while driving, but also make sure the defrosters are working properly to help keep your windows clear for maximum visibility.

These are all fairly simple maintenance practices to follow, but they are very important to take care of this time of year. Before you know it, the winter weather will be upon us! Simard Automotive has all your Fairbanks auto repair and preventative vehicle maintenance needs covered. You may also want to ask about and sign up for our Arctic Maintenance Schedule and Million Mile Warranty service programs, where we'll take care of all these needs for you—and more!

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