Is Your Water Pump Failing? Here Are the Signs to Look for.

A majority of vehicles will rely on a water pump as a key part of their engine’s cooling system. What this component does is keep the coolant circulating between the radiator and the engine so that the engine is continually running at manageable operating temperatures. Without the water pump, the vehicle will overheat and it could lead to major internal engine damage.

Even the most technologically advanced modern water pumps and cooling system can have issues. And certainly, the older your vehicle is, the more likely the water pump will not work as well over time. Sometimes, it can completely fail without notice.

Simard Automotive is here to help you if you ever experience water pump problems in Fairbanks, AK. Below are some of the most common signs of a failing water pump that you can look for:

1. The Engine is Overheating

Obviously, the most telling sign of a failing water pump or some other sort of cooling system issue is that the engine is overheating. Whether it happens once or it is a persistent problem, it’s worth getting your vehicle looked at by an expert automotive technician. It may be a minor fix or something bigger that needs to be addressed.

2. The Coolant is Leaking

Radiator coolant (antifreeze) is bright greenish-yellow in color and is pretty easy to identify if there is a leak underneath your vehicle. The water pump itself has several small and sometimes sensitive gaskets that can wear out with time. This may be the source of the leak or it could be coming from elsewhere. It could be from the radiator itself or just one of the connecting lines that are easy to replace.

3. There is a Loud Whining Sound

Strange sounds are something we never want to hear from driving. A common noise associated with a failing water pump is a loud whining sound coming from the engine compartment. There may be a loose belt or pulley, or the bearings inside the water pump are weakening.

Cooling System and Water Pump Repairs at Simard Automotive

If you are experiencing these issues or any other concerns with your vehicle, Simard Automotive can get to the bottom of it for you. Our excellent auto repair technicians know what it takes to figure out any automotive problem and make the necessary cooling system repairs. Call Simard Automotive a call today at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Avenue location) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Road location). Or, you can also schedule your next service appointment online.


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