Signs That Your Wheels Are Out of Alignment

When your vehicle's wheels get out of alignment, it may just seem like a slight annoyance at first. Perhaps the car pulls a bit to one side or the other, or maybe it feels a little loose when cornering. Slowly but surely, the problem becomes worse and before long the handling is really off. This is when it becomes somewhat dangerous to drive. 

The Snowball Effect

What you may also not realize is that when your wheels are out of alignment, it could be causing damage to other vehicle components that are having to work harder to make up for the misalignment of the camber, caster or toe. We're talking about the brakes, suspension, wheels/tires, differentials, transfer case and power steering system. In other words, that slight annoyance of bad wheel alignment can ultimately develop into some very expensive automotive repairs.

Wheel Alignment Issues to Look for

That's why it's a good idea to get your wheel alignment checked regularly with your standard oil changes and other preventative maintenance services. Or, if you notice any of the common signs of wheel misalignment, then that's your cue to go get the wheel alignment tested and adjusted by a professional auto repair shop like Simard Automotive in Fairbanks, AK.

Here are some of the most common signs of poor wheel alignment:

Car is Pulling to One Side or the Other - You will probably notice this most on straightaways if you briefly let go of the wheel and it pulls to the left or right.

Car Not Cornering Smoothly - If you are making a turn and the car seems either loose or tight depending on which way you turn, it could be a wheel alignment problem or something wrong with the suspension system.

Tires Wearing Out Unevenly - Another common sign of poor wheel alignment is when the tread wear on your tires is very uneven. You should be getting your tires rotated regularly, as well, but the wheel alignment will still cause them to wear out more quickly.

Steering Wheel Isn't Straight - You may notice that the steering wheel isn't straight while you are driving on a straightaway. This is definitely a sign of wheel misalignment.

Vibrations and Noises - You may hear your tires squealing when you make turns or you may feel a lot more vibrations/bumps than usual when driving straight. These are both signs of bad wheel alignment, but can also be symptoms of other automotive issues relating to the brakes, tires, wheel bearings, suspension or even the transmission

Fairbanks Wheel Alignment Services

When you notice any of these problems, you will want to get your wheel alignment checked along with an inspection of other automotive systems that could be causing the issues. Simard Automotive is here to help with all your Fairbanks vehicle repair and preventative maintenance needs.

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