The Simard Automotive Guide to Vehicle Filters

As you probably already know, cars are pretty complex and they are only getting more advanced. There are many different systems throughout your vehicle, and each of those systems has multiple vital components performing specific functions. Many of these systems will feature some kind of filter that helps keep dirt, debris and other contaminants from damaging parts or hindering performance.

In this article, we will cover some of the common filters found in most vehicles and what you need to know when it comes to ongoing maintenance.

Engine Air Filter

This is the filter most people know about and it’s something that can easily be maintained on your own. When you bring your car in for service, the mechanic will usually let you know if the engine air filter is getting too dirty or worn out. You will want to replace it as needed to make sure your engine is getting the clean air it needs to run efficiently.

Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter doesn’t need to be replaced nearly as often as the engine air filter, but it does need to be looked at periodically. This filter is attached to your air conditioning system and helps keep the air that you breathe inside the vehicle as clean as possible. If you notice strange odors, it may be time to replace your cabin air filter. It’s a lot more complicated to replace, so it’s usually best left to the professionals.

Oil Filter

As part of any standard oil change service, the oil filter will be replaced along with the oil itself. It performs a very important function to keep metal particles, dirt and grime from getting into the engine and causing damage. That’s why you want to get your vehicle serviced regularly with oil changes being the most common preventative maintenance needed.

Transmission Filter

Your transmission also has a fluid filter much like that of the oil filter. It performs essentially the same function to make sure contaminants don’t get into the transmission fluid that flows throughout the transmission system. When you have a standard transmission service performed, the transmission fluid, filter and pan gasket are replaced to keep everything running well.

Fuel Filter

The fuel filter helps keep impurities and contaminants out of the fuel system. If your engine is burning dirty fuel, it will not perform as well and it could lead to internal damage. That’s why fuel filter maintenance is important to keep up with.

Emission Valve/Filter

Your exhaust system removes toxic fumes from the engine and out the tailpipe. The emission valve and filter work together to help reduce emissions and improve overall fuel efficiency.

All vehicle filters should be checked regularly as part of a standard maintenance plan and replaced as needed. Simard Automotive has all your Fairbanks vehicle maintenance needs covered. Whether it’s our Million Mile Warranty program or our Arctic Maintenance Schedule, we can keep all components of your car or truck in the best shape possible.

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