Time for a Winter Wheel Alignment Check?

Winter is generally a good time to take care of certain automotive needs. You want to be safe when out on the road and you want your vehicle to be reliable during the coldest time of year. One maintenance activity you may not want to put off is making sure your wheels are aligned properly. There are numerous benefits to a wheel alignment, especially in the winter season.

Bring your car, truck, SUV or service vehicle into Fairbanks' own Simard Automotive for a quick and easy wheel alignment check. If it is out of alignment, we'll let you know what specific work needs to be done and you can decide if you want to proceed with the service(s). Here are 4 simple reasons why it's good to get your wheels in better alignment this winter:

1. Improved Handling & Performance

When your wheels are properly aligned, they are not pulling toward one side or causing the vehicle to work harder when driving in a straight line or turning sharp corners. Your vehicle will drive smoother and will handle better, which is extra beneficial this time of year when the road surfaces aren't that great.

2. Better Safety

Naturally, with better handling and overall performance, your vehicle will be much safer to drive on roads that may be covered with ice, rain, grease, debris, road salt and other substances that affect your handling. You will be able to corner more effectively and swerve if something (or someone) comes out of nowhere amidst low-visibility driving conditions. Better wheel alignment can also help minimize fishtailing and hydroplaning on wet or icy roads.

3. Reducing Automotive Wear and Tear

When your wheels are in ideal alignment, it is putting less stress on other vehicle components. We're talking brakes, wheels, hub bearings, axles, differentials, transfer cases, suspension and even the transmission itself. It will also help keep the tire tread wear even, which will enable your tires to last longer. In fact, good wheel alignment can help extend the lifespan of just about all your drivetrain parts.

4. Increased Fuel Economy

Having the wheels aligned and tires inflated to proper pressure will both impact your vehicle's fuel efficiency. With the vehicle driving straighter on straightaways and handling corners smoother, it moves more efficiently and that is good for your average MPG!

These are just a few benefits of a wheel alignment any time of year, and these benefits become even more important in the cold, icy and wet winter months. 

To schedule your wheel alignment check at Simard Automotive, call either of our two local shops at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Ave.—Airport Shop) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Rd.—Chevron Shop). You can also book your appointment online.


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