What Alaska's Cold Weather Can Do to Your Car

We love living in Alaska, especially here in the Fairbanks area. There is no place like it on earth. However, nobody ever said this climate is easy on vehicles. When the fall and winter months roll around, it gets harder and harder to keep your car, truck or SUV running right. There are other safety issues that also come with driving in inclement weather.

In this article, we'd like to talk about some of the common Alaskan weather issues and what they can do to your car.

Rain and Moisture

Excess moisture in the air and on the ground can take its toll on any vehicle. It wears out rubber and foam components like belts, hoses and door/window seals. It can lead to rust in parts that aren't properly coated. Also, driving on wet roads can kick up a lot of dirt, grime, road salt and grease that can do damage underneath the vehicle.

Ice, Sleet and Snow

Driving with a bunch of snow piled on top of your vehicle is dangerous for a number of reasons. It can fall off and endanger drivers behind you and it also adds extra weight to your car. Clear off as much as you can before you hit the road. Speaking of roads, you always have to watch out for black ice and slicker surfaces during the winter months. Icy asphalt can be flat-out deadly to unfocused drivers!

Cold Temperatures

Most vehicles will take a little more time to warm up in the morning when it's super cold outside. Pushing the car too hard when things are still cold is a bad idea. Winterize your vehicle and use the right ratio of antifreeze in your radiator. Use common sense to keep your vehicle running right during the winter season.

Visibility Concerns

Fog, rain, sleet and snow can make it very difficult to see on the road, so always be vigilant while driving in inclement weather. Make sure you have fresh wiper blades, keep an ice scraper handy and keep your car's heater/defroster system in tip-top shape so that it works properly when you need it most. Also, regularly check your headlights and tail lights (and fog lights if you have them) to confirm they are bright and working properly. That way others can see you on the road.

Remember, we are all in this together. If you keep your vehicle in good shape and you stay smart and focused on the road, we will all be safer out there this winter. 

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