What to Do if You Find a Transmission Fluid Leak

Your transmission needs clean transmission fluid to run well. You always want to make sure the transmission fluid levels are good and that the fluid itself is in good shape. If it is dark or discolored in any way—or if it has a "burnt" smell—then you are overdue for a transmission service.

Further repairs may even be needed if you let bad transmission oil run through the system for too long. It provides important lubricating and cooling properties that keep the parts from grinding together and causing internal transmission damage.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

But what happens if you notice a transmission fluid leak? It's usually fairly easy to identify as most transmission fluids are bright red in color. If you see it leaking underneath the vehicle, it's never a good sign and you don't want to wait until later to deal with it. The best case scenario is that you may just need a new transmission pan gasket, which is typically installed as part of a standard transmission service at any reputable automotive shop that provides transmission maintenance. The service will include replacing the gasket and the transmission filter, as well as cleaning the pan itself. Then, fresh transmission fluid is added. It's similar to an oil change, but it doesn't have to be done nearly as often.

Internal Transmission Damage

Unfortunately, leaking transmission fluid can also be a sign of bigger transmission issues. There could be a crack in the pan or the housing, or there could be damage to the gear system, clutch (in manual vehicles) or torque converter (in automatic vehicles). In this case, the transmission may have to be removed and dismantled to properly inspect the damage and replace any failing parts. 

Whatever the source of the leak, you don't want to take leaking transmission fluid lightly. You will want to have it looked at by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.

Fairbanks Transmission Repair Services

If you notice a transmission fluid leak, or if there is something else wrong with your vehicle that you can't quite identify, bring it into Fairbanks' own Simard Automotive for a professional inspection and repairs. 

Call Simard Automotive today at either of our two Fairbanks shop locations: (855) 690-0889 for our Aeronca Ave. Airport shop or (855) 639-5001 for our Gaffney Rd. Chevron shop). You can also book your service appointment online.


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