What to Do When You Have an Exhaust Leak in Your Car

When there is an exhaust leak in your car, it is not something that should be ignored or taken lightly. It will affect the performance of the vehicle and can potentially lead to major engine damage if left unrepaired. Dangerous carbon monoxide can leak into the passenger cabin and literally be deadly. It's also not good for the environment if your emissions system isn't doing what it is supposed to do.

Signs of an Exhaust Leak

There are several signs that will let you know that you have an exhaust leak or some other exhaust problem such as a failing catalytic converter. Here are a few to look for, according to the Fairbanks auto repair experts at Simard Automotive:

• Strong exhaust smell inside the car

• Popping or hissing sounds whenever you rev the engine

• Check engine light is illuminated

• Rattling noises or unusual vibrations

• Reduced gas mileage

Exhaust System Inspection

At the first sign of any engine or exhaust system problem, you do not want to wait too long to get your vehicle inspected by a professional mechanic. An auto shop like Simard Automotive will be able to perform a thorough inspection of the exhaust system and run diagnostic tests to determine the specific problem at hand. If there is an exhaust leak, we can identify where it is taking place and make the necessary exhaust system repairs

Why You Don't Want to Wait

An exhaust leak can happen anywhere from the exhaust manifold to catalytic converter to the muffler and in any of the pipes and connections in between. If you catch it early, it can sometimes be an easy fix or replacement of one faulty part. If you ignore it, your engine will ultimately suffer and you could end up facing really expensive automotive repairs. It's not worth taking the risk for your vehicle or for you as a driver if exhaust is leaking and releasing toxic fumes into the air.

If you think your vehicle might have an exhaust leak or some other sort of exhaust system problem, don't wait. Call Simard Automotive today. You can reach either of our Fairbanks shops at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Avenue) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Road). Or, you can easily book your service appointment online.


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