Why You Need to Get Your Brakes Checked

The Alaskan winter is just around the corner. This makes it a great time to take care of a number for key vehicle maintenance tasks. One of the most important is getting your brakes checked and serviced. For Fairbanks area residents, Simard Automotive is the local auto shop to turn to for all brake repairs and maintenance procedures.

Brake Inspection

It starts with a thorough inspection of the brake components. Sometimes, things just need to be cleaned as driving will kick up a lot of dirt and grease (and road salt in the snowy season). Keeping the brake parts clean will help keep them healthy and performing correctly. If any components need to be replaced, Simard Automotive will let you know.

Brake Replacement Parts

Generally, the brake pads are what will need to be replaced most often. They wear out quickly and often unevenly as the rear brakes will do a lot more work than the front ones. Other components to be looked at will include the rotors and calipers. Your vehicle may use discs or drums (sometimes both with discs in the front and drums in the rear), so those parts will be inspected carefully as well. Wheel components will also be inspected as the brakes and wheels need to be working in unison for proper performance.

Another thing that needs to be tested is the brake fluid. You want to make sure there are no leaks and that the hydraulic brake fluid is filled at the right level. Likewise, the quality of the fluid should be inspected so it is not dirty or burnt. If the fluid needs to be replaced, your Simard Automotive service advisor will let you know.

Last but not least, the parking brake (emergency brake) will also be tested, inspected, cleaned and tuned up as needed. People often forget about the parking brake, but it must be taken care of like all other important automotive components.

Fairbanks Brake Repair and Maintenance

If you are worried about your brakes or are starting to hear screeching and squealing, it's time to bring your vehicle into Simard Automotive for a complete brake inspection. Whether parts need to be replaced, repaired or serviced, we'll get the job done right!

Call Simard Automotive today at (855) 690-0889 (Aeronca Ave.) or (855) 639-5001 (Gaffney Rd.). Or, you can schedule your brake check online.


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