Winter Brake Maintenance at Simard Automotive

Winter sure is beautiful here in Fairbanks, but it sure isn't easy on our cars and trucks. The roads are rough and the icy surfaces can be slick. You have to be extra careful and attentive while driving. You also have to keep your vehicle winterized with all the key systems in good shape.

Winter Maintenance Recommendations

Of course, you need to care for the tires, suspension system and other handling components that will keep you safe during difficult driving conditions. However, few things are as important as your brake system. You want your brakes to be healthy, this time of year more than ever. We're talking about brake pads and rotors with plenty of life, so you can stop and slow down when you need to—often suddenly this time of year. We're also talking about a healthy automatic braking system (ABS) that is working properly so brakes don't lock up and let your vehicle skid out of control.

Excess Moisture, Grease and Grime

Another issue to consider is that all the ice, snow, rain, grease, road salt, mud and other debris will kick up a lot more underneath your vehicle as you drive in the winter season. This can really cause problems with suspension components and also with sensitive brake system components. Brake calipers, pads, rotors and drums can all be affected by the moisture, grease and grime and lead to less-than-ideal performance. Freezing temperatures can hinder the hydraulic brake lines, as well.

Fairbanks Winter Brake Inspection and Maintenance

It's important to get your brakes inspected, cleaned and serviced periodically to make sure they are working correctly throughout the harsh Alaska winter months. This is where Simard Automotive comes in. We can keep your brakes in good shape, as well as provide general automotive "winterization" and other maintenance services to improve vehicle performance, handling and safety.

For all your brake repair/maintenance and other automotive care needs in Fairbanks, call either of Simard Automotive's two local shops at (855) 690-0889 (Airport Shop) or (855) 639-5001 (Chevron Shop). Or, please book your service appointment online.


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