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3-year, 36k mile warranty

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ASE-certified master technicians

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Warranty for the life of the tire:

Promise Warranty

  • FREE Air Check

  • FREE Tire Inspection

  • FREE Tire Rotation

  • FREE Flat Repair

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Get the Best Value on Quality Tires in Fairbanks, Alaska!

Looking for new tires for your car or truck in Fairbanks? You've come to the right place! We offer unbeatable prices on top-quality tires, including Nokian Tires. Don't compromise on safety or performance—choose the best for your vehicle.

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5200 Aeronca Ave

758 Gaffney

2560 S Cushman

333 Illinois St

Why Choose Us for Your Tire Needs?

  • Competitive Pricing: We offer the best prices in Fairbanks, guaranteed!
  • Expert Advice: Our tire specialists are here to help you make the right choice.
  • Wide Selection: From all-season to snow tires, we have it all.
  • Quick Installation: Get back on the road faster with our efficient service.

Snow Tires: Conquer Alaskan Winters with Confidence

Winter in Fairbanks can be tough, but your tire-shopping experience doesn't have to be. Our range of high-performance snow tires will give you the grip and control you need to navigate icy roads safely. Don't let winter slow you down—equip your car or truck with the best snow tires available.

Nokian Tires: Engineered for Extreme Conditions

When it comes to handling the harshest weather conditions, Nokian Tires are in a league of their own. Designed for extreme climates like ours, these tires offer unparalleled safety and performance. Experience the Nokian difference today!

Toyo Tires: The Perfect Blend of Durability and Performance

Looking for a tire that can handle both the city streets and the rugged Alaskan terrain? Toyo Tires are engineered for durability and offer exceptional performance in all conditions. Make the smart choice for your vehicle—choose Toyo.

Tire & Wheel Service

Signs you may be due for tire service:

  • Low tire pressure
  • Vehicle vibrates while driving
  • Uneven tire wear

At our Fairbanks auto repair shop, we will perform a full visual inspection to determine any issues with your vehicle’s tires.

Our services include:

  • Alignment
  • Flat Tire Repair
  • Tire Balancing
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) Repairs
  • Tire Rotation

If you notice that your TPMS light has turned on, this indicates that one or more of your tires is underinflated by at least 25%. If you notice that the TPMS light is flashing, this is usually an indication that there is a problem with the system itself. The TPMS system can malfunction if a sensor fails or the battery has died. If your TPMS light has turned on or is flashing, bring your vehicle into our experts as soon as possible. A working TPMS system will ensure that you are warned when a tire is dangerously underinflated to avoid flat tires or blowouts on the road.

At Simard Automotive in Fairbanks, Alaska, we offer professional auto repair and friendly customer service. We have two locations in Fairbanks, one in downtown and one near the airport for your convenience. We stand by our work with an outstanding 36 month/36,000 mile NAPA AutoCare Nationwide Warranty and an in-house Million Mile Warranty on parts and labor. We also offer a complimentary shuttle service, pickup and drop-off, as well as door-to-door service when available.

If your vehicle’s tires need an alignment or service, bring your vehicle to the experts at Simard Automotive. We look forward to servicing your vehicle soon!

Why Choose Simard Automotive?

In Fairbanks, the reliability of your vehicle is not just about convenience; it's a matter of safety. Our ASE-certified technicians are experts in servicing vehicles for the unique challenges posed by the Alaskan climate. From sub-zero winter temperatures to the rough terrain of rural Alaska, we equip your vehicle to navigate these conditions with ease.

Our Auto Repair Services

  • Seasonal Maintenance and Winterization: Prepare your car for winter or summer with our seasonal check-ups, including battery tests, antifreeze services, and tire inspections to handle icy roads and cold starts.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Essential for comfort and safety in extreme temperatures, our services ensure your vehicle’s heater and A/C are in peak condition.
  • Engine and Transmission Care: Cold weather can be tough on your engine and transmission. We provide specialized services to ensure they operate smoothly, regardless of the temperature.
  • Brake Services: Reliable brakes are crucial on icy roads. We offer comprehensive brake inspections and repairs to keep you safe.
  • Emergency Preparedness: We check and prepare your vehicle for emergency situations, including appropriate supplies and equipment for unexpected Alaskan weather changes.
  • Premium Oil Change Service: Staying current with your vehicle’s recommended oil change intervals is important when it comes to maintaining a healthy working engine. At Simard Automotive, we offer fast and friendly comprehensive oil change services for all makes and models of vehicles.
  • Tire & Wheel Service: Looking for new tires for your car or truck in Fairbanks? You've come to the right place! We offer unbeatable prices on top-quality tires, including Nokian Tires. Don't compromise on safety or performance—choose the best for your vehicle.
  • Exhaust System Repair: The exhaust system in your vehicle keeps toxic fumes from building up inside your vehicle and also ensures better fuel efficiency. Your vehicle’s engine omits harmful gases as part of the combustion process and it’s the job of the exhaust system to convert them. Our certified technicians are experienced and trained to work on exhaust systems on all makes and models of vehicles.

Quality and Reliability You Can Trust

We know that in Alaska, a breakdown is more than an inconvenience—it can be a life-threatening situation. That's why we use the best quality parts and fluids suited for the Alaskan environment, ensuring your vehicle's reliability and your peace of mind.

Convenient, Customer-Focused

Understanding the demands of your schedule and the Alaskan weather, we offer flexible service appointments and efficient repair times at our four locations across Fairbanks. Our customer lounges are designed for comfort, even during the harshest winter days, ensuring you a warm and welcoming experience.

Safety First in Alaskan Conditions

Driving in Alaska demands a vehicle in top condition. We emphasize preventive maintenance and timely repairs to avoid the risks associated with vehicle failure in extreme conditions. Trust us to keep your car reliable, safe, and ready to face the Alaskan wilderness.

Your Trusted Partner in Fairbanks

Join the community of Fairbanks residents who rely on us for their automotive needs. Our reputation for quality service, reliability in extreme conditions, and customer satisfaction makes Simard Automotive the go-to choice for facing the challenges of driving in Alaska.

Experience the peace of mind that comes with a vehicle prepared for the Alaskan climate. Schedule your appointment with Simard Automotive today and ensure your car is as resilient as the great state of Alaska itself.