Auto Repair in Fox, AK

Auto Repair in Fox, AK by Simard Automotive Inc

The town of Fox, AK is located just minutes from Fairbanks, north on Steese Highway where Elliott Highway diverges. Known as the “last stop,” Fox originally started out as a mining town and was critical to the development of Fairbanks as a city center. While the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline makes a western border, a few miles east of Fox one can still find the true root of Fox’s existence: gold mining. In commemoration of gold discoveries by Felix Pedro back in 1902, stands a monument. One can still see the piles of tailings left by industrial-scale gold mining in the early 20th Century.

Fox retains all the accoutrements of a last stop on your way north, including a couple of restaurants, a beer brewery, trucking businesses and repair stations. Depending on the weather, Fox Spring is a great place to fill up a few jugs with the cleanest spring water around.

Rough country and severe winter weather are particularly harsh on all of our vehicles, from small cars to the biggest 4x4s. If you drive around Fox for work, school or play, you have a number of auto repair shop options. Why choose Simard Automotive for your auto repair needs? The answer: Simard Automotive understands that auto repair starts with great customer service, and isn’t just “auto repair,” but building relationships— right here in Fairbanks, AK.

Drivers in Fox and beyond can rely on Simard Automotive— from a regular scheduled maintenance to more extensive automotive repairs.

Simard Automotive is just a few minutes away, located at 5200 Aeronca Ave, Fairbanks, AK. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, give us a call. We look forward to getting to know you and your car!


We will take quality time needed to be sure of client’s needs.


Ask the client what expectations they have at the time of write up.


Using highest quality inspection procedures and forms.


Educate client based on personal needs, budget and driving habits.


Performs personal Arctic Enhanced priority based estimate


Always ask if we can perform, estimate, schedule or defer the work needed.


Ensure quality control and comfortable environment


Ensure retention is maintained though pro-active follow-up