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Here we will explain a little about us as well as what we have to offer you! We are always seeking qualified personnel who are motivated team players.

If you are looking for an easy job, free ride to Alaska, and unlimited amount of income without having to work well with others, then THIS JOB IS NOT FOR YOU


Vision and Purpose

We serve the community by empowering team members, customers, and stakeholders to enrich their lives and reach their highest potential.


We serve the community by providing the most comprehensive arctic service using our 25 years of experience. We will continually expand our knowledge through onsite professional education. We are an example for the industry because we have collaborative and transparent teams that are continuing to grow and develop their expertise through our proven process. We employ the most qualified people and equip them with industry-leading training, technology, and tools so we can achieve our vision.

Ten Commandments

Bring passion to work every day!
Hold yourself accountable!
Talk to others and not about them!
Make effective communication a priority!
Dedicate yourself to personal and team growth!
Permission to be coached!
Operate in your strengths!
Be professional and kind!
Go the extra mile!
Serve people first!

Core Values

We do the right thing, even when no one is looking. Integrity 

We seek to understand others' situations. Empathy

We will improve every day. Excellence

We do the little things. Attentiveness

We do what we say. Dependability

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Values We Live and Die For!

  • Integrity -Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.

  • Attentiveness- The small things do matter

  • Dependability- You are what you do, not what you say

  • Empathy- Try to understand the others' situation

  • Excellence- Its not a skill.... it’s an attitude.


Here is a list of benefits we offer:

  • Medical Savings Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Paid Vacations
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Training
  • Retirement Plan
  • Employee Discounts
  • Uniforms.
  • Shop usage for personal vehicles.
  • No Weekends
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Family Business
  • Flexible Schedules as needed
  • Career Development and Advancement Programs

Here is the process we use with candidates:

  1. Complete an application and submit an up to date resume
  2. Pre-screen phone call to discuss your basic qualifications
  3. Review of this information as listed on this page
  4. Set up interview with the Owner of the company to interview by phone
  5. Video Interview with Owner and 1 other person on the hiring team
  6. References and Background check
  7. Formal "job trial offer"
  8. Formal Full-time job offer will be made after a successful 2 week trial period

Here is what the Job Trial looks like:

  1. Successful completion of the 1-8 Steps listed above
  2. Successful candidates will remain responsive to all communication
  3. Successful candidates will do extensive research on the Company and the city of Fairbanks
  4. Simard Auto will pay 50% towards a plane ticket for the job trial.
  5. Tools for technicians will be provided for your trial period
  6. Housing is provided
  7. Car will be provided
  8. Food is your responsibility
  9. Guarantee pay rate for the 2 weeks.

Here is what we expect from the right candidates:

  1. Quick and responsive communication to text, calls and emails
  2. Respectful dialog throughout the process. If at anytime the position is not right for you, please let us know so we don't waste your time and ours
  3. The right candidates will spend time researching Fairbanks and the company. We don't want someone who "just wants a job" or a free pass to Alaska
  4. The right candidates will want to live the Alaska lifestyle, have the ability to move up to Alaska within 30-90 days
  5. The right candidate will have researched what it will take to move to Alaska for such things as selling a home, terminating lease, moving your belongings, driving or flying to Alaska.We can assist you in your research.
  6. We expect a clean current drivers license
  7. DUI or felonies may cause issues at the Canadian border if you are driving to Alaska. Do your research
  8. A- Level techs are expected to be highly skilled in Diagnostics for most makes and models
  9. A- Level techs will have a full set of tools, to include specialty tools such scan tools, pullers, DVOM, air or power tools etc.
  10. Professionalism is a must. ASE certification must be current or you are willing to certify within 90 days of hiring on
  11. Your work history needs to show a minimum of 5 Years working on most makes and models with high aptitude for diagnostics
  12. Desire to work as a team. Max hours can be billed when we work together when we get stuck.
  13. Core values must be a match.

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