Auto Repair Services

Make Empowered Decisions About Your Vehicle - We'll Show You How

Getting your car fixed is stressful enough, especially if you can't trust your repair shop. You deserve a hassle-free experience with an experienced team of trusted advisors who put you in the driver's seat with unbiased information and a budget-friendly plan.


Oil Change

Our premium oil service is the most essential element in making your car last.



Brake pads and rotors make up the major components of any brake service.

automobile winterizing


Make sure your vehicle is ready for the unforgiving Alaskan winter.


Check Engine Light

You've seen it blink before, but it's always gone off. Now it's on steady. What to do?

timing belt

Belts and Hoses

The timing belt is also known as the cambelt or even the "forgotten belt."

Woman buying used car

Pre-purchase Inspection

A thorough peace of mind inspection that examines the vehicle's key systems.

Close up old tires in the tire repair shop yard


Tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touches the roadway.


Cooling Systems/Radiators

The cooling system helps control the heat generated from your engine.


Air Conditioning & Heating

Your heat and AC do a lot more than just keep the cabin temperature comfortable.



Mufflers perform a vital function in your vehicle's engine operation.

Portrait of smiling auto repair shop team with Hispanic male owner


Alaska roads are tough on vehicles!

Portrait of a smiling Caucasian male mechanic in an auto repair shop


Our poor Alaskan roads take a toll on the underside of your car.