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Bob Kokko
9 months ago
Simard saved our marathon trip! We drove from NH to AK and had just returned from Prudhoe Bay when, after self washing our Highlander...
chase blankenship
3 months ago
Excellent work. My family and I had recently arrived to Fairbanks after a cross country drive, shortly after our radiator went out. Simard automotive was...
Rochelle Cooper
5 months ago
They did an awesome job. The staff is very friendly. The receptionist took the time to explain all of their services and the tech reached...

In November 2016, Simard Automotive acquired Totem Chevron. To better serve some of our customers, this was an ideal location since it is closer to the center of town and offers a more convenient location for quicker type services to our customer base as well as expand our reach into the Fairbanks Community. We sell only top-tier Fuel to give our customers the befit of increased mileage and less troublesome issues with fuel deposits. We are one of if not the largest full-service gas stations and service stations in most of Alaska!

At the Chevron location, we work on most makes and models and perform most repairs and services. Services include; service/maintenance work, light bulb repairs, tires, water pumps, belts and hoses, drivability, chassis, suspension, and tune-ups. For larger jobs such as engines, transmissions, advanced diagnostics, diesel, and medium-duty trucks, we would schedule you at our Airport location.

Between our Airport and Chevron locations, we can take care of any vehicle or service you may need.

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