Million-Mile Warranty

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  • Submitted application for the Million Mile Club
  • 1st Service to start before 75,000 Miles to receive Component coverage
  • 30, 60, or 90 K Service must be performed in order to activate Protection on items not replaced, but listed under the BG Protection Plan
  • 5-Pack must be purchased and remain active for MILLION MILE COVERAGE to remain in effect.

Guidelines for In House Warranty

  • Follow Arctic Service Timeline with active 5-Pack Oil Change Services
  • A covered component becomes covered only after it has been replaced one time and after Eligibility requirements have been maintained
  • A covered component must be in the covered items list to be eligible for the Million Mile Warranty
  • Non-Covered components are subject to First: Repair Order Declarations, second: Napa Auto Care Warranty, Third: BG of America Protection Plan
  • Oil leaks, Engine and Transmission replacement are subject to Napa Auto Care Warranty or as otherwise stated on Repair Order
  • Million Mile In-House warranty will default to NapaAutoCare Warranty if customer fails to re-new the 5-Pack Arctic Maintenance Program Timeline

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