Auto Repair in Fairbanks, AK

Auto Repair in Fairbanks, AK by Simard Automotive Inc

“Gateway to the North” and “The Golden Heart of Alaska” are both fitting appellations applied to the city of Fairbanks, AK. It’s still one of the last frontiers and much of the city retains its rustic roots, though Fairbanks and surrounding areas do have their modern touches. Whether you come for the northern lights, midnight sun, dog mushing or the arts and night life, we think you’ll agree that Fairbanks has an energy unlike any other.

Fairbanks, AK, is indeed a gateway city. Denali State Park, larger than Massachusetts, is just a few hours north, a pristine Arctic wilderness area as wild and savage as can be. Crystal rivers cut through alpine meadows, a delight to the wildlife and those seeking to shoot it— on camera, that is.

Rough country and climate are particularly harsh on all of our vehicles, whether you drive a car, truck, SUV or 4×4. Why choose Simard Automotive for your auto repair needs? After all, if you live or work in or around Fairbanks, AK, you have a number of auto repair shop options. The answer: Simard Automotive believes auto repair starts with great customer service – it isn’t just “auto repair,” but building relationships – right here in Fairbanks, AK.

Reliable auto repair is only half of what we offer. After all, we would be nothing without our Fairbanks auto repair clients. Simard Automotive’s customer service philosophy puts your needs first, as we take the time to learn about you, your driving habits, and your budget. Not everyone has the same priorities, so we tailor our Arctic Enhanced priority-based auto repair estimate to you, specifically.

In Fairbanks and beyond, from the east, west and north, you can rely on Simard Automotive— for all stages of auto maintenance and repair.


We will take quality time needed to be sure of client’s needs.


Ask the client what expectations they have at the time of write up.


Using highest quality inspection procedures and forms.


Educate client based on personal needs, budget and driving habits.


Performs personal Arctic Enhanced priority based estimate


Always ask if we can perform, estimate, schedule or defer the work needed.


Ensure quality control and comfortable environment


Ensure retention is maintained though pro-active follow-up